Sunday, August 17, 2008

Entry from Dec 5,2006

I think I've figured out where some places get their receptionists (see above picture* ). It didnt dawn on me yesterday that the the person taking my appointment for the surgeon's office didnt ask nearly enough questions to adequately set my appointment. Well today I get a call from a name and number I dont recognize so I do what I usually do and let the machine grab it. It was from the place Im supposed to be having my appointment for tomorrow. Ok, so I grab it because it's very important to get this call and the lady on the other end says that they have to cancel my appointment because that dr isnt covered by my HMO. UMMM EXCUSE ME?? She said only way I could keep the appointment is if I go with this other dr who IS covered by Cigna. Im like...ummmm but he's the one who cut me open and he's the one who put all these staples in my belly (13 of these fkrs).... To which I get an "Ohhh you're an existing patient?" Well hell yeah why else would I call??? "Yes, I went in to the hospital the Tues before Thanksgiving for pancreatitis and gall stones...Dr Johnston did the operation and told me to call him for an appointment this week..." I guess the first lady had put me down as a new patient with a new problem. Damn blithering idiot. If she's just asked me enough questions she woulda known this yesterday as she put me in that time spot. After all that...I still have my appointment tomorrow...with the same doctor...*shakes head*

*The picture had been a kid sittin on a stool facing the corner with a dunce cap on

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