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Entry from April 22,2007

I was checking out my friends blogs and found a few very interesting ones. Some were thought provoking (see my blast for the link), some were funny (Maureen's poem) and some were interactive. I want to thank Rev for putting that link in his blast. The link sent me to someone else's page and she had asked What's in a Name (she snagged it from someone else's page). It looks like she had so much fun I thought I'd try it out. Imagine my surprise when not only my name came up, but the last names as well. I figured, what the hell...I'll do some of the nicknames Ive been know in chat and in the blogs with to see what else comes up. Here are the results:

H (sorry I dont share my first name...those that need to know it, know it)

You are highly perceptive and intuitive with a wonderful imagination and the ability to manifest your dreams in reality. You are able to create joy, security and harmony for yourself and in the lives of others by the support and dedication which you give. Often the centre of influence people admire your fine qualities and follow your example. Much happiness is gained through your willingness to serve good causes.

Marie (this I will share, there's gotta be a bazillion of us out there anyhow)

Bitter "Hebrew"
You are both a visionary and a realist able to bring your dreams into a tangible form. Pioneering and ambitious you accept new challenges and the responsibilities which go with them willingly. Your sound judgement, resourcefulness and positive nature means that your progress in life is assured. Certainly your kindness and generosity to others and your inspirational manner attract success as well as many admirers.

Maiden Name (withheld to protect family)
Very intelligent, broadminded and a good listener. You are an ideas person, with a wonderful creative imagination who is always seeking practical applications to apply this to. Your intelligence means that you have great potential for business success if you can apply some discipline and caution. You enjoy sensual pleasures and with a natural restless nature and liking for adventure life is rarely dull with you around.

Edwards (first marriage, dont give a damn if anyone knows this one...LOL)
Very much the individual you have enormous energy and vision and must find a suitable use for your talents. You have great potential for success in business if you can guard against indecision and worry. Your generous nature means that you are never short of friends and with cooperation your relationships can be very rewarding. Perseverance and firm decision making will ensure you achieve your objectives.

Present married name (again withheld to protect family)
Charming, witty, original and idealistic you have a creative and inventive mind with great intuition. Your broad vision, perceptive powers and compassion gives you an instinctive understanding of peoples needs. You are a natural leader who has a talent for inspiring and teaching others and always display fairness, honesty and integrity. You are always seeking a new challenge for your vast creative potential.

The rest most of you already know anyhow....
Energetic and courageous you stand up for your beliefs and for what you desire. You are independent, strong willed and fiercely competitive when needed although your ambition is tempered with patience. You maintain a positive attitude and with a more organised or practical approach to life material success is very likely. Your immensely loving and generous nature brings joy into peoples lives and ensures your happiness.

starshine (a nick I used to run, nickname my mom gave me when I was just a baby)
You are an inspirational individual and seem to lead a charmed existence. Material success is no more than your versatility, optimism and courage deserve. You are creative and resourceful and can develop your ideas into tangible form which brings you great satisfaction. You attract friends, love and happiness in abundance because of your warm and enthusiastic nature. Life is much better with you around.

DarkPhoenix (play nick for one site I belonged to. If I wore this nick it meant not to pester me with site stuff as I wasnt there to work)
With a strong intellect, organising ability and a thirst for knowledge you are a natural researcher or scientist. Anything which can stimulate your agile and analytical mind, including travel, will be of interest to you. With your efficient confident manner and willingness to accept responsibilities you are especially suited to directing group projects. You are admired for your honesty, integrity and fairness.

Gypsysbaby (a nick I had when I first started chatting...tip of the hat to my mom whose CB handle was gypsylady)
Sensitive, friendly and kind you look for peace and beauty in your environment and relationships. People like to be around you because of your charm and generosity and because you always generate a happy atmosphere. You have a fairly traditional approach to life and have a strong attachment to home, family and loved ones. With your creative imagination you have potential to be successful in the the arts.

I hope you have as much fun with this as I did!

*Im adding this one as it's a nick I've been running lately:

Siren of the River Rhein "German"
Having confidence in yourself and integrity you have your emotions under control and are rarely ruffled. You have a quiet and reflective manner and are responsive to the needs of others giving you the ability to be a mediator. You are extremely successful in the material world being organised, financially astute and pursuing realistic goals. Your caring attitude and compassion certainly makes you a loved individual.

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