Saturday, August 16, 2008

Entry from July 12, 3006 want the good news or the bad news first? LOL!
BAD NEWS: Bad news is that the weather's been HORRID here. Yesterday we hit triple digits (without the heat index mind you) and we'll be getting triple digits 5 of the 7 days this week. But ya know, even the 2 double digit days will be warm enough that with the heat index we'll be around 105 or so anyhow. *ugh* I mentioned last night (or was it early this am?) to Babe that I really should cut my hair because it's been miserable....and he told me "Well hun, I told you it's your hair do what you want!" So I guess that's a go to get it cut when I like. He followed it up with an "I like it shoulder length anyhow" which is good ( he loves to run his fingers through my hair and his fingers get tangled up in the longer locks..). This morning around 5 am or so it was already 80 degrees here spot was Phoenix with a 92 or so. We've been over 100 for a few hours now. Who knows, if I can find a decent style I can deal with and a good place to get these locks cut I may just do it this week.

Just got a call from my daddy. I know...some of ya'll are saying a call from her daddy and it's GOOD news?...totally unlikely! Well, I do have good news. He'd gotten off the phone with gramma and she'd had a dr appointment yesterday. The tumors in her liver and lungs have shrunk to 1/4 their original sizes. No news on the one in the lymph nodes as she forgot to ask. I should have news on that one in a few days as she has another dr appointment in the next day or so. They've taken her off the chemo already and placed her on a this pill instead. It's new on the market so she's pretty much a guinea pig right now. I figure it's because they gave her only 2-6 months and told daddy this. Daddy said no...that the 2-6 months was said by this one dr and she doesnt go to him anymore. The one she's going to now had told her "I never said 2-6 months. Your other dr told you that. Stage 4 cancer is nothing but a man made number". He also says the pill he has her on is new to the market and is supposed to be better than some of those out there already. *crosses fingers* So she's made plans to be at my wedding and is bringin her bestfriend for company on the trip. (pausing now to thank those of you who have been praying for's appreciated!)

Other news, I started sewing the dress. I would guess Im about 1/3 done already. I was doing 2 steps at once as I didnt see the need to sew most of the dress first and then have to do the same things on the liner in the next step....just sew the liner at the same time! I'll be stitching the sides together and adding the liner inside. Once that's done all I'll need to do is add the sleeves and hem it up. Before I do that, however, Im going to try it on. If it dont fit now there isnt much sense in finishing it. Taking it in, is one thing. Letting it out, in this case, is not an option. I have enough where I guess I could add panels to the sides if I had to....hmmmm.

In site news: There is a competition this Saturday for the streamers. I hear only one signed up. I think it's because most of us dont read the front page. Personally, I am not going to compete....but I talked to PoppaJoe and let him know if he needed my time spot for a contestant to just let me know. So at this point I dunno if Im streamin this weekend or not. I've got some great tunes lined up just in case. I was working my MySpace page and went into the music section and found LOADS of great talent in there. This whole week's stream is more than likely going to be many people you havent heard before. Once I get the space up and rocking I'll put the link in here.

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