Saturday, August 16, 2008

Entry from Aug 28,2006

first pix

Unofficial, unretouched photo of Mr and Mrs Loneranger* . The gal in the wine dress is the matron of honor I mentioned before (the handsome gent with her is her darling husband). This pic was taken by the groom's sister. Official pix are still being worked on by my photographer (aka my sil via my brother). Will blog more on this later. Let's just say it's a long story and Im refering to it as the Comedy of Errors (aka Murphy's Law the musical). LOL. Oh and if ya didnt read in some of ya'lls comment got much much worse. Cliff notes: a bad case of sunpoisoning that started 2 days after we left Texas (which means I had spots on my wedding day), the bride fell on all fours due to a wet floor a mere 2 hours before the ceremony, the DFH, inlaws to be that show up an hour before we were expecting them, did I mention the DFH (?), hives (again the bride), a Gran Torino that makes the DFH look like a cake walk, stress so bad I swell (am beginning to think Im allergic to my inlaws) to the point I cant wear my rings when Im at his folks' house or even around them (mostly his mother), oh and did I mention the DFH (?)...oh I DID? Am still in TN and should be headed home. I put my foot down and demanded to be taken to a hotel for the night I was so stressed that I was swollen so the rings that fit perfectly on the wedding day (no swelling that day thanks to a shot of gin that my matron of honor slipped into my water that kept me relaxed) barely made it over the first knuckle never mind the larger second one...hives hives hives to the point of requiring Benedryl and oh...I chugged a Mikes Hard Lemonade in 3 minutes flat..and it wasnt even 1pm yet here. Basically told Mr Babe that if he valued my sanity we'd be in a hotel for quality time TONITE! Better scoot...tomorrow's to be a long day. Told Mr Babe if that car cant be fixed by noon he damn well best rent a car and leave the damn car behind and I expect to be treated to a fancy hotel WITH internet AND a jacuzzi for at least 2 nites before getting home....and he'd best plan on using one of those days for doing something touristy while he was at it. Drop ya a line in a couple days.

*Picture referred to is definitely in my Photobucket. Not the folder with the "official" pix that my other sil did but the ones his sister took. It's the one with ranger, me, my SCSis and her darling hubby in it.

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