Saturday, August 16, 2008

Entry from July 24, 2006

Ok ya'll....this is turning out to be less than fun. Something made me try on the dress before I put the liner in and damn sure glad I did. I gotta tear apart and add panels on the sides because I'm heavier than I thought or I picked up a ton of weight when I was laid up after that operation on my toes... in either case I got some work to do. Only other option is to buy a dress through David's Bridal, but I heard they run a scoosh small so I dont know if even the largest dress will fit at this point. So here I am tonite trying to salvage what I can of this dress. I need to make my decision by Wednesday.... either salvage, start over or buy one. Thankfully my Babe doesnt care and said if we need to go out and buy one then so be it. This may end up being the case as right now I have to rip out the sides , add 3" panels on either side, rip out the shoulders and add there too. Unfortunately once I do that the neckline may end up to be too deep for my liking and that Im not sure how to fix. Plus on top of that I'll need to adjust the sleeves as well because of all this adjusting PLUS the liner needs to be adjusted as well. Would be so much simpler if I had a plus-sized sewing mannequin. Then I could see and adjust as I went along.

MySpace seems to be up and running but I forsee more problems in the very near future as the power-grid out there is experiencing troubles due to the weather:

MSNBC News Services
Updated: 21 minutes ago
LOS ANGELES - A record-breaking heat wave pushed California's power grid close to breaking point Monday, with rolling blackouts possible unless people turn down air conditioning and take other steps to save power, managers of the power grid said.

The rest of the story is at:

I dont think I'll be attempting to do my review this week. Unless it's between sessions at the sewing machine. Maybe I'll pre-write it and just copy and paste when MySpace is managing to work.....

OK I guess I better go...this dress aint getting itself done....

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