Sunday, August 17, 2008

Entry from Jan 8,2007


I wanna thank the friend that pointed out that my warranty expired and that's why Im having all the problems I am with my health. I love you too. Yeah I know it was meant as a joke but damn this aint funny no more. Last entry you'll remember I mentioned my back was giving me hassles. Well the pain has moseyed (sp?) around the side and to the right front of my toros so basically I got pain all the way around. I've been taking the pain killers at night and a good rub of Flexall before bed, but by morning my whole back aches and by the time that pain wears off (Im sure it's something with the way Im sleeping at night) my side and front pains become apparant. Up until yesterday, the pain was manageable (around a 3 or 4 on the hospital pain scale) and felt like it was getting better. Yesterday I got up around 10am or so and had oatmeal. Same thing I eat every morning for the last 4 weeks. I went to the computer in my office and managed to get through all my emails and start in on my blogs yawning the entire way through as I hadnt had my caffeine as of yet. Then around 12pm or so IT happened. That one thing I dread most and the reason why I NORMALLY carry the phone arond and keep it within reach. I yawned good and big and felt (and heard) a POP in my side. OHhhhhh not good. I figured it was a pulled muscle and tried to work through it . For 15 minutes I tried to see if it was going to go away. Notta chance. Worse yet was the phone was on its charger a good 3 foot away and I couldnt reach it to call for help. I couldnt move. Thank GOD I had my cell phone right infront of my monitor so I pulled up hubby's beeper number in the email and told him to call the cell. He called back and told me he was on his way to call 911. I called 911 and the operator dispatched an ambulance and told me if there's a change to call back. I told the operator that I couldnt move and I was alone in the house with the doors locked. No sooner I hung up then I heard the sirens and help was right there. Unfortunately, they couldnt get to me because the doors were locked so their dispatcher called my cell and asked for permission to break a window so they could get in...or else they'd need to wait on hubby. I didnt know how far away he was at the time so I gave the permission (damn I was so sore!). I forwarned them about the chihuahua as I didnt know how she'd react to someone coming through the window (she was barkin up a storm for once). They ended up using the office chair to wheel me to the hallway to get me to the gurney (narrow hallway and doors in these old houses ya know) and hauled me out. They took care to lock up and plastic up the window they broke. I had to send one of them back in because they'd taken my cellphone while adjusting me and set it on the tv. I told them it was likely hubby would call and since that was the last place he reached me, it'd be the first number he'd call. One of the firemen went back into the house for it.

I'll say one thing about the ride....damn it was bumpy. Man they need to do something about these streets or else give the ambulances some better shocks. The poor attendants were appologizing the entire way there. The one in the back with me was tryin to get some readings on one of the machines and it wasnt working too well so I said "Good Lord I musta died.." at which point we both laughed. Yeah, so...I was hurting but I hadnt lost my humor! Next thing I asked was when the last time they booted the computer (yeah the geek showed up too...tryin to troubleshoot the medical equipment). Turns out it was a loose wire (gee with those shocks and the bumpy roads...I wonder why the wire's loose...).

I was in the emergency room around 1-130pm-ish. The nurse came in to get the vitals (146/100 ACK!! with a 97.6 temperature) and fussed that the thermometer wasnt under my tongue correctly. I looked at her and told her I run cold at which point she got more pleasant (yeah this chick knows a bit better how her body runs thankyouverymuch!). I was given some painkillers and sent to the xray shortly around 345pm or so. Whatever they gave me made me really woozey and standing was a bit of a hassle, but we got it done. Around 4-430pm the nurse came in for a urine sample and wanted to send it through the catheder (sp?). I said hell no...bring me a portable on and we'll deal that way. I wasnt that woozey at that point and could manage to stand up just fine (at that point I really had to go anyhow ...had to go when the ambulance showed that bumpy ride down the stone driverway and the bumpy streets on the way to the hospital didnt help). Anyhow I crawled back into bed and noticed the pain killer wearing off and mentioned it ( I think...things are a little hazy). They took vitals a second time and I was 150/90. UGH! Fast forwarding a bit...I had to drink all this nasty Barium crap before I could be sent into the CAT scan, ended up with a shot of morphine prior to going to xray again, got injected with iodine for the next set of xrays and got sent back to my room. The results? Everything was clear. The only concern was that my white cell count was a bit higher than they'd like. I'd like to know how I was managing that considering I was on antibiotics for a total of 15 days!!! The dr there ended up speaking to my surgeon from my gall-bladder operation and several other drs. They said everything got ruled out that could be ruled out. In essence, I had a bad muscle pull with a high white cell count and some constipation (well DUH! I got IBS And Im hurting....why ya think Im constipated???). They took my vitals again (129/79 , temp of 98.5) and sent me home with two prescriptions, one of Motrin 600mg (non-narcotic so it shouldnt bind me up) and one of Magnesium something other to flush the rest out. I was given orders to call the surgeon today. We got home around 930pm or so. I took some of the Norco I had left over from the gall bladder operation, had supper and fell asleep (sorry I didnt call that friend but I was really tired and it was late...I knew she'd be in bed). This morning I got up, I havent eaten but I took my usual meds and have called the surgeon. He's in surgery so Im just waitin on him to call me back. Would be nice if he called soon. Hubby stayed home today to wait on this call to see if I gotta go in to the dr again. Once the surgeon calls back and things are decided, then hubby will go in to work. I'll edit this later once I find out more.

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