Monday, August 18, 2008

Entry from Feb 15, 2007

Ok...this aint fair. This makes every bloody holiday since I've been married that I've been ill!! Sunday evening I started feeling odd and had a bit of a clearing of the throat cough. By Monday I was running a 98.9 slight fever (mind you I usually run around a 97) and it had already taken siege in my throat and was assaulting the sinus passages up near my nose. On Tuesday I felt worse and called the dr and made an appt for Wednesday as hubby was at work (and this way he could have an appt too as he was sick earlier in the week) and I really had no way there unless I took a cab or called my Txsis. To be honest, I was afraid of getting her sick so I held on. By 4-5pm, I was beginning to think I should have gone in that day as I was running a 101.7 . I felt like I was dying all damn night. Poor hubby slept on the sofa that night as well as last night and more than likely will tonight too. Anyhow, when he's not in bed I usually stay curled under the covers because there isnt quite enough heat to keep me warm. When he IS in bed, I usually kick the covers off because it gets too warm with both bodies in bed. show what kind of fever I was felt so warm in bed it felt like both of us in bed as well as 3 others. I nearly kicked the blankets off but thought better of it because you should sweat a fever out. The fever broke sometime in the early Weds morning as when I awoke my face was ice cold but the rest of me under the covers felt fine. When I got to the dr I was running a 99 with a 140 over 80 bp. Good news is that I dont seem to be gaining any of that weight back. Im at 268 and that is even after being naughty last week with the chocolate. I think Im maintaining because Im actually watching the calories I take in and have made substitutions in what I eat for a couple meals a day. Anyhow, the dr took one look and I told her it felt like early December again and she insisted on doing a "nose tickle". Long story turns out I have the flu. *bah* According to the dr, they had 12 confirmed cases of the flu come through their doors on Tuesday and that even those who'd had the flu shot were coming down with this....albiet the people who had the flu shot only get it for 2 days or so while us who did not get the shot are ill for 5-7 days. There seems to be a 2 day gestation period for this bugger and it doesnt exhibit the same symptoms as we normally would see. I didnt want to believe I had the flu because I always have the nausea complete with technicolor yawning and hip/ knee/ ankle pain as a companion effect of it. With the arthritis I seem to have in my knees and ankles it's hard to tell but usually my hips dont hurt unless I have the flu and they werent aching now. The dr assured me this flu isnt manifesting our bodies like normal. This one is disguising itself as a sinus problem and working from there. I have a sneaking suspicion that maybe the one in December had been the flu also and we just didnt think to check. Hubby had this a few days before me, but by the time he got to the dr (yesterday) the virus had already been in his body for almost a week and was too late to treat with the Tamiflu like the dr had me on. Due to his diabetes, he's at risk of an infection so the dr put him on an antibiotic to kill the infection and something for his wheezing.

Havent been out of bed for two days now...thank goodness for laptops. I think Im going to relocate to the sofa for a change of scenery.

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Anonymous said...

My name is Mike Conlin and i would like to show you my personal experience with Tamiflu.

I am 26 years old. Have been on Tamiflu for 5 days now. This stuff ROCKS. I was running a 104 Fever ... felt like I was doing to die, was snapping at everyone, etc. I got home and took my first dose along with a dose of Robotussin for my cough. I woke up 3 hours later and my fever dropped from 103.7 to 99.3. It fluctuated a little after that but remained under 100. Body Aches were gone. I was sweating like a mad man but that was probably the fever breaking.

I have experienced some of these side effects-
Mild nausea .. almost puked on first dose. Also had mental fog going on. Concentration was difficult but my doctor forwarned me it makes you 'loopy'.

I hope this information will be useful to others,
Mike Conlin

Tamiflu Side Effects