Saturday, August 16, 2008

Entry from July 1, 2006

This past week I finally got my dress cut out. Wow. At this rate I should have the whole thing put together by, oh let's see, my 10th anniversary? LOL.I dont know what my problem is. I know once I get started on it I wont quit til it's done as Im like that. I made a full length dress when I was still living with my folks in NY that was alot more complicated and with much more difficult fabric (it had a velveteen bodice and satin skirt and sleeves) in 2 weeks time. So I really dont anticipate it's going to take longer than that. Maybe that's the reason why I just cant get started on it....or maybe Im holding out hope that mom will say "ship it here I really do want to make it afterall". *shrugz*

I got an email from my bro yesterday reminding me that he'd be in town this next week and are we still up for supper on Friday? Good thing he I had completely forgotten he was coming in the beginning of the month. I had been remembering July, just not so soon. There's been a change of plans though and his wife and the 2 kiddos are coming too. I cant wait. They'll be staying up in a Ka-CHINGVILLE hotel in Grapevine. I guess he's down this way for a LAN-war thingy. Please dont ask me to explain it as it's beyond my comprehension at this point. All I know is I get to see my niece and nephew again and get to spend time with my lil bro (yeah lil bro...who stands head n almost shoulders above me and weighs about the same I do give or take a few pounds...I actually believe I outweigh him......)...maybe I should reword that to say my kid bro..LOL.

Sent the package of florals off to my hubby's cousin yesterday. Emailed her a note with the contents and the tracking number and would she please let me know when it arrives. I cant wait to see what she does with them. I also asked her if she was wanting the whole kit n kaboodle or just what we discussed. If she wants to do them all to knock herself out. This'll give my matron of honor more time to fuss over me, which is something I KNOW she's looking forward to doing.
I got an email from my MySpace account yesterday telling me someone there wanted me to subscribe to their blog on the site. I'd completely forgotten I had an account there. LOL. So I went in and actually played around with my page (alotta What does THIS do?) and think I got something I can be happy with. I just need to decide what I want to do with it. To be honest, Im perfectly happy blogging my daily stuff right here in my 360. I even have a second account* through here for the history junk I had promised in my first blog entry...although Im not nearly as faithful to writing in that section as I am to writing in this one. I go almost a month or so before I enter anything over there. Im thinking it's because I know Im going to be getting to some difficult stuff very soon and subconsciously dont want to deal with it....put it in my past and leave it. It almost feels like Im picking at a scab when I go to write about it...maybe Im not healed enough yet. The question now is...will I ever be healed enough to deal with it? I hear some real horror stories from friends about what they've been through that makes my story sound so....well insignificant and small. *sighz* Well anyway, where was I *scrolls* ....oh yeah...the MySpace account. Anyhow, I played with it and got it to look how I want (for now) and am needing to decide what to do with it. I've been toyin with the idea of doing an arts blog for some time now...a place where I can write about how I feel about music, movies and any events I go to. I dunno...havent decided yet. We'll see how it goes before I post a link through here for my site. I could always use it for my own crafts as well....hmmm...could always start a new MySpace for that as well. It would be beneficial as it'd reach a helluva lot more people....hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

I seem to be playing phone tag with my SoCarolinaSis lately. She always seems to call when Im out or sleeping. I'm beginning to think I need to resend that one email again remindin family and friends what my Babe's hours are and that I have a strange sleep schedule now. Calling before 3pm is NOT optimal for catching me in a good mood...that's for sure. You're waking me up, I aint had my medicine and havent had any caffeine either!! Actually, Im half tempted to drop a line and say that if it's an emergency call the cell phone and then knock the mainline phone off the hook at night. Im not kidding you, we had at least 3 calls this morning starting at 9am and a call every 2 hours after that. We finally gave up and got up...but come ON...we'd gotten to bed at 5:30am and because of these jerks managed to get only two hour naps after that first call. This is NOT conducive to a good night's sleep. No....not at all. So here I am exhausted, and cant get back to sleep and I have to stream in an hour and a half. *shakez head* So help me I have the same trouble as I had last week (where the Producer didnt want to work AT ALL) I'll put myself on an LOA for a few weeks just so I can reclaim my sanity. Just in no mood for crap that dont work right now.

*The second 360 account no longer exists. It's my Padded Room entries here in Blogger.

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