Saturday, August 16, 2008

Entry from July 22, 2006

Geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez what a weird day. All day long I havent been able to get on my Yahoo Messanger. Here I thought I did something wrong and told it to reset my password because there were like 2 too many stars in that box so I have this really fricked up password to remember and come to find out everyone's having problems. I cant even get in to fix my password...*sighz*. I am wondering if it had anything to do with the message I got in MSN that MSN now can contact your Yahoo peeps as long as they have the With Voice upgrade? Shortly after I skipped over that message, I tried my Yahoo and it was like gonnnnnnnnnnnnne. Good gravy if you're going to hook a couple messangers together like that so they can talk...make sure the stupid thing works FIRST!

Later, while Im streaming I had someone ask me about MySpace. I told them from what I knew the MySpace should be working as I had checked earlier and no I wouldnt check now because I was streaming and I have a music file that opens when you get to my MySpace page, I'd check later. Well after my stream I was going to go check my messages there and wouldnt ya doesnt work either. I wonder if this has anything to do with the previous paragraph? Thing is, Yahoo 360 I can access...just not my messanger....and my MySpace I cant yet my MSN works fine (MySpace is part of MSN...). Maybe Tom got some wires crossed up somewhere. Anyhow I guess I wont be leaving my review there tonight.

Only other guess I have is that it stormed somewhere and wiped em both out. It was supposed to storm here today but we got not a drop. Not even a gray cloud. But on the up side it was cold only reached 96. Tomorrow it's goin to get really cold...a whole 94 degrees. I better break out my sweaters and gloves. LOL . Gotta LOVE sarcasm.

Oh and PS....for those that were worried...that cat in the previous post isnt really Dharma. LOL....Silly silly peeps. I just thought the pic would illustrate how hot it was....I mean a cat...swimmming in the tub...come on! I aint had a cat that would do that since Auggie (and yeah he'd actually climb in the shower if I didnt make sure to shut the bathroom door when I was in there!).

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