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Entry from Sept 6, 2006 pt 2

So here it is. Showtime. Kenny G's "Wedding Song" is playing and my matron of honor (man I love her) breaks the tension by saying " On ya marks get set go" and practically RUNS down the minimal aisle we had (later she tried to play it off by saying that she saw a handsome man in a suit and tie and got confused...LOL. Ok minister really WAS that cute!). I started with a slow walk and couldnt help myself....I practically ran down there too (ok...I waddled really really fast...I couldnt help it...there was a cute dude down there waitin on me- and I DONT mean the minister!). The ceremony was very very short. Only lasted 2-3 minutes at the most.

Dearly beloved, we are assembled here to celebrate the joining of this man and this woman in the unity of marriage. There are no obligations on earth sweeter or more tender than those you are about to assume. There are no vows more solemn than those you are about to make.

There is no human institution more sacred than that of the home you are about to form. True marriage is the holiest of all earthly relationships. The state of matrimony is based this deep, invisible union of two souls who seek to find completion in one another.

Do you understand this? (Respond by yes, nodding, etc.)

Exchange of Vows and Rings

Will you please face each other and join hands?

Groom, will you take this woman, whose hands you hold, choosing her alone to be your wedded wife? Will you live with her in the state of true matrimony? Will you love her, comfort her, through good times and bad, in sickness and in health, honor her at all times, and be faithful to her? (I do)

Place the ring on Bride’s finger

Bride, will you take this man, whose hands you hold, choosing him alone to be your wedded husband? Will you live with him in the state of true matrimony? Will you love him, comfort him, through good times and bad, in sickness and in health, honor him at all times, and be faithful to him? (I do)

Place the ring on Groom’s finger.

You may kiss the bride.

I remember barely hearing anything. I remember trembling so badly I thought I was gonna cry, vomit and fall over (not necessarily in that order). So what I do? I bit my lips closed and trembled and fought the tears. It was hard too because my groom had a tear in his eye that almost came all the way out (I found out later that the matron of honor saw that tear and almost lost it...if he'd cried she woulda...I also found out if I had cried he woulda. What a mess that woulda been the 3 of us blubbering!). What a gentleman. Allowed to kiss the bride and he did it tongue. We went immediately into our first dance (Jeff Healey's Angel Eyes) and then into my Daddy dance (Heartland's I Loved Her First). After that we were beset by papparatzi (sp?) as I affectionately began to call them. Actually, it was his aunt, my sil, his sister, my friend from NY and a couple others at most....just felt like a whole lot more! After the pix were done....I went to eat (only thing I had was the cinnamon roll and a few munchie items while getting ready...I forgot to mention that earlier. I was getting cranky and the matron threw food at the problem...LOL). We had sandwich rolls- a tray with roastbeef,turkey and ham, another meat tray with the same as well as some cheese, a veggie tray, a condiments tray, chicken tenders, dippin sauces and a big bowl of grapes.... a bowl with punch, iced tea (sweet and unsweet) and bottled water for those that didnt like the punch or the tea. The wedding cake was on it's own little table and the topper is one I bought months ago. The groom is standing behind the bride with his arms wrapped around her, much like my Babe likes to stand with me as you can see in the balcony photo (it reminded me so much of us, that's why I bought it). I really should have painted it an off white so it woulda matched the buttercream icing, oh well. We all ate and mingled. Much to my dismay the families split into their differing factions as soon as they were allowed to (much like grease when Dawn dishwashing liquid is dropped in the middle of it). I really hope they had time to get to know one another some and only wish I had been available to introduce everyone properly ( I heard later that no one had been really introducing anyone so they all kinda had to fend for themselves....that really sucked). We cut the cake a bit earlier than I had planned on ( I had wanted to mingle some and spend time with everyone..I mean it was a small wedding this should be accomplished right?) because his folks had to leave (well when ya show up an hour too early and the bride runs late...). I guess dad had a headache and I had heard my new bil say something about Outback sounding good right about now (nice thing to say when there was plenty to eat there...enough for a small army of like 50 or so). So...while we cut the cake I reminded my hubby to be nice, not matter the chanting that made him want to do otherwise. I reminded him how upset I'd be if he pulled what my first husband had done (namely crammed it down my throat and I swear half his finger went down there too...I dont even think I managed to taste that cake..). I may have hinted he'd be on the sofa if he did it. My Babe fed me very nicely and of course, even with all the chants of "mush it", I fed him nicely as he'd shown me respect. Then, with a twinkle in my eye and a smirk, I swiped his nose with some icing! LOL Turn about is fair play and he got me back (that explains the one picture when Im bent back a little and we're both laughin). He was so nice as to wipe it off afterwards though. His family left and my dad goes "can I do it now?"- meaning a video he'd brought. The poor guy had been trying to get someone's attention so he could play it for all. *sighz* The last picture in the folder is of me watching the video. It's about 15 minutes long. The sweet man put a montage of photos to music all about me. The first song that played I bet most my friends could guess it.....Good Morning Starshine (ya'll should remember me telling you that story!). Cant remember the rest. Alot of pix in there I hadnt seen in a very long time. It was a wonderful end for a wonderful day. My family left and after a bit my friends from Pa left too. The five of us cabinners broke open the champagne and commensed to partying. HOTTUB!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

After a relaxing soak in the hottub we went to Carino's for supper. Awesome Italian food. I'll tell ya the lasagna is better than the Olive Garden's! Hubby had chicken fettucini and a frozen margarita, I had lasagna and a Sangria (mmmmm mmm), I cant remember what the other side of the table had. I remember us all sharing a dessert and the waitress giving me a free Sangria because it was my wedding day. We got back to the cabin and had to bail off the bed (the tv was on it). Then we all went to our respective beds :D. Dammit if my hubby didnt fall asleep before I got in...sheesh ...*insert eyeroll*.

Oh...PS....that Memorial...the pictures left to right are Grampa Leon -my Daddy's dad...Gramma with the cancer in Fl...that was her hubby. I never met him as he died before I came along. The next frame is Gramma Nanny and Grampa Burl- his paternal grandparents (both deceased), Gramma Dollie and Grampa Barnett- his maternal grandparents (Grampa's gone, Gramma couldnt come due to health reasons), and the last frame is Gramma Audrey and Grampa Lawrence- my Mommy's folks (Grampa's gone and Gramma lives in a home now and has alzheimers).

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