Sunday, August 17, 2008

Entry from Nov 10, 2006

I went to the doctor's yesterday and here's the run down. My bloodpressure is back down to about where it should be. It read 134 over 80. Not bad for a fat broad eh? Unfortunately, my weight was up a bit. Im not happy with this but it's my own fault as I've been quite naughty in regards to watching what I eat. Holiday time is just gonna make this a bit tougher. I may forgo baking this year to try and keep this under control. Hubby's work is gonna hate that because I ALWAYS send cookies around Christmas.

I had the dr check out the 2-3 moles I was worried about. She says they arent anything to worry about but it was really good to bring them to her attention. Like I explained to her, I was a sun worshipper in my youth and since my mom had to have a patch of skin cancer cut out of her just recently it was a good idea to just check.

I got refills on my allergy medicines and discussed getting taken off the Nasonex and put on Astelin instead. It's a medicine that my opthamologist recommended. You may ask WHY my eye doctor had any say in this...well as my eye dr put it "you keep using this stuff the steroids in it will eventually give you cateracts". To be honest, if ya'll thought I threw a hissy with the podiatrist, you aint seen NOTHING when peeps get close to my eyes like that. No fkn way do I want to go through eye surgery as you have to be AWAKE for that. Ummm NO THANKS! I'll be starting the Astelin next week when I start my new bottle of Zyrtec as I like my meds to run out around the same times...just makes things so much easier when doing the refills...just get em all at the same time. Oh! And the Astelin is like $30 CHEAPER than the Nasonex...So instead of $100 in pills and shit to shoot up my nose every month so I can only costs $70.
I knew I was gonna have to play with the vampires again for this appointment in regards to my thyroid. I learned something new. The meds Im on do NOT affect the thyroid tests no matter how many hormones are in it because they dont directly deal with the thyroid. Go figure. Now if it was a THP (? not sure on the initials here)...a medicine that dealt strictly with the thyroid then yeah it'd give me a weird reading. I also learned that my thyroid isnt that far outta whack. The normal thyroid will test at 5.1 or lower. Mine, when it gave me the "abnormal" reading was only at a 5.5. She says this isnt bad at all that sometimes even hers (and mind you she's less than half my size) runs at a 5.5. I got sent in for lab work anyhow just to make sure things were ok but she says it's nothing to worry about and I dont need meds for this. Sometimes the thyroid just corrects itself all on its own. Who knew? This also means something else to me....that my weight is my fault so I gotta do something about it. Noone to blame but my own damn self.

Some good news though. Dr asked if we were looking to have children and I told her yes but couldnt while I was on the Junel. I only have another 4-5 months of refills of the stuff so she said once those are gone to not bother coming in for anymore. She'd like to see if my body managed to right itself after being on it for all these few months. Once Im done we can start working at seeing if we can have a baby. Whoot! Maybe by next year we'll have something to really celebrate!

Oh my new glasses came in. For once I have more than one pair which means I can keep a set to carry around and one to leave by the bed for bedtime tv. This is good because normally I forget to check to see if I have them and then dont have them right at my fingertips when I need them. I'll have to get hubby to take a picture sometime next week and post it in here. I'd do it sooner but foolish me didnt take enough Lactaid yesterday while I was eating dairy products and I ended up real ill overnight. As a result, I got these ~really pretty~ red spots all over my face from where blood vessels broke in my face. Not exactly condusive to taking a nice picture.
Not much else going on lately. Ive been staying pretty much offline lately because I've been noticing I've stayed chained to the computer more often than not. Not much gets done around here when I do that. Ive got alot of painting to do for the holidays yet. I've got a couple of three piece sets Im working on right now. If I can get myself to stay offa here I may get them done in the next 3 days or so.

Reminder to streamers: if you're wanting a holiday banner...ask before Thanksgiving. I wont be taking requests after that point. This will ensure I can get a nice banner made in enough time. Oh...and the request needs to be in the form of an email. Dont assume that because we discussed ideas for one in a pm or IM that means Im actually going to work on one for you. I dont like wasting time so if it's not requested it wont be done. No sense in doing a banner if one isnt for sure wanted.

Oh...and to address the question I got this week as to who pissed me off (or was it who pissed in my Wheaties?). No one did. That blast, or at least the first part of it has been on my blog in one form or another for a year. "Life's too short to deal with plastic people" actually came from a friend of mine many years ago and Ive slowly but surely added to it. When I got messed with a couple playas a few years back, I added that to the saying. "Life's too short to deal with playas and plastic peeps" became my motto and if it wasnt up in my blast, then it was certainly at the bottom of my blog page. I've since added to it to explain why I say that. So one pissed in my Wheaties or got my panties in a bunch...if they had there would have been a blog about it dontcha think?

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