Sunday, August 17, 2008

Entry from Jan 4,2007

Well I went back to the dr's today. The only reason they wanted me in was to check on my blood pressure which was abnormally high the last trip in. Well golly gee I wonder why it was high? First of all it was an afternoon apointment and my bp is always higher in the afternoon after I been running around. Second, I wasnt feeling well and had been honkin my nose all night and all morning long...that alone is enough to send the bp up. Third, I had roughly 4 headaches going at the same time (I hadnt eaten since 6am, I was stressed, my sinuses hurt and so did my ears). Fourth, was extra stressed because I had to wait so damn long for the dr to come in the exam room. I swear I need to stop wearing my watch to the dr's just makes things worse being that Im highstrung and HATE to wait. They ended up taking my bp twice that day. Im not sure how high it was the first time but the second was lower at a 136 over 80 or so. All I know is that second reading was higher than usual for me.

Anyhow, I went in today and my bp was 120 over 80. It's still a tad high as I run a 117 over 70 or so usually. Near as we can figure, it may have been the infections OR the medicines...possibly both. I was afraid my weight was going to be up yet again, but guess what? I LOST 2 of the 5 I had gained! WHOOOT! Oh no wait....according to the picture up there does this mean Im slowly losing my mind??? *laffz*. The AugmentinXR seems to be workin as my ears have cleared up and dont hurt as much anymore. The one is still a little swelled inside though as well as my nasal passages....otherwise everything is looking good.

Only problem I have now is that I think I twisted my side Monday night in bed. Near as I can figure, my muscles just got used to being in a seated position at night. Monday night I removed the big prop pillow (those ones you use to sit up in bed with) and slept in an actual horizontal position the first time in a month. Tuesday morning I woke with a catch in my right side and by that night I was beggin for the Flexall. Today I mentioned it to the dr and she said it sounded like I just strained it and after a quick check of it she was sure of it. She suggested some muscle relaxers to help at night. I asked her what she had in mind because if it was something I already had there wasnt any need for another prescription. I told her I had Vicodin left and another pain killer and she said that would be fine but to take it just at night. So tonight I grab a Vicodin and have hubby rub my back down with Flexall and see how it works out.

Oh...and the dr said I need to lean on hubby to get him to quit smoking. ~evil grin~ permission to nag him now...gotta love that.

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