Saturday, August 16, 2008

Entry from June 15, 2006

This is the card* my SoCarSis sent me earlier in the week. I called and said "Is that what Im doing wrong....Im supposed to be soaking my feet in the soup!" I thought she was going to fall outta her chair laughing. She's called me nearly every day to see how Im doing.

After my surgery last week, the podiatrist wanted to see me in 10 days to check my toes so I went in today. Yeah I know it hasnt been 10 days yet but the dr has surgeries booked for tomorrow (day nine) and day 10 falls on Saturday and they arent open on the weekends. It's a good thing I went in today as for some strange reason my body healed up faster this time around than it normally does and as such the stitches were a tad rough coming out. The toes had healed so well that the skin was attached a bit more firmly to the stitches than is optimal for a comfortable removal. They ended up putting on a numbing agent (plus I took a vicotin before leaving the house) and I STILL felt discomfort. The dr said it's possible that the oak in the Amerigel is what promoted the healing. I dont care WHAT it long as Im back up and around to my normal self again sooner! I did alot better than my first trip in. I was still nauseous and shaking and scared to death but not as bad as the first time around. He also told me to take the Vicotin only as needed (Im only taking it at night now anyhow) so I will be weaning off that in a couple days. He also took me off all the oral medicines and said they werent necessary any longer. WHOOOHOOO!!! That's great because the one was a horse pill and stunk to high heavens and the other was a pain in the ass juggling around my eating schedule. My foot soaks have been reduced to once a day now and I dont need as much bandages either. He wants me to come in again in 3 weeks so he can look at them again. Im hoping that trip is gonna be better still. I really need to conquer this fear of doctors (dentists and foot doctors especially). While there, he let me know that Cigna was being a damn butt about paying for the surgery as it could have been done in house. The dr said he's sent a letter off to them to assure them it was neccessary to go that route and why, but also said they may call and talk to me about it. *ugh* I told him not to worry , if they did I'd give them a real good earful. Personally, the surgery was the best route considering how I feel about drs, needles and peeps messing with my feet. In the long run it was a safer course of action...safer for me and safer for the medical staff. Today I did real well though. No tears, not quite as uptight and only a 1/3 as much shaking. I did notice the dr held my leg down while working on removing the stitches. I think he was afraid I was gonna kick him...LOL. The whole thing was well worth it though as my toes dont hurt nearly as bad as they used to. The pain has gone from an 8 out of 10 to a very nice 2.5 out of 10 (and that's only because the stitches were bothering me and the toes are still healing).

Finally got the cds I bought the day of my surgery ripped. While I was at it I ripped the one I bought yesterday. I have 3 more I got at the Half Price book store to deal with, but I think I got most of those songs so I may not bother. I may just grab the few songs I dont have and say ~~ on the rest. The week of my surgery I had gotten the Cars Original Soundtrack. I'll be keeping the actual songs off that but I think Im going to dump the instrumental ones as they arent really interesting nor long enough to use for a stream anyhow. I had also bought the soundtrack to Elizabethtown. I havent seen that movie and I took a real chance on getting it as I had only heard like a minute and a half of the one song. However, I knew many of the artists so I figured I'd give it a whirl. It wasnt a half bad cd and Im glad I bought it. Yesterday I bought the new Danielle Peck one. It's a pretty nice cd considering it's country music....(oh my I think I heard OkSis faint...LOL). Most my friends know I dont play alot of country so Im sure that last sentence will come as a real shock...*lafffz*. Today while we were out I bought a few replacement cds for that music which I had to leave behind in Pa when I left way back when. I bought the Preachers Wife soundtrack, That Thing You Do soundtrack and my favorite Paula Abdul cd called Spellbound.

In my email today I got a memo from the Scott Stapp website with updated news. Looks like he's going to be the support act for INXS for the next couple months at least (~~! Take THAT Blackwolf!!!). While I was cruising the INXS site I saw they had 3 new songs out. Im going to see if I can get the songs in the next few weeks. The songs are called Easy Easy, Amateur Night and Let's if anyone manages to grab them drop me a line and we can arrange a trade .
Talked with gramma this week and she's sounding well. She's had her second round of chemo and it wasnt as bad this time. She's only had 2-3 sick days this time. Daddy visited over Memorial Day weekend and took a few pictures. He didnt take many as he said that the flash wasnt working correctly. I feel it's more like he didnt want to remember her the way he saw her. Not that I can really blame him. It had to be rough to see her without her hair. He was right though. Looking at the pictures you'd be really hard pressed to see that she was sick....except for the hair loss.

Ohhhh! While I was writing this Kohl's just called and told me my ring is in. I cant remember if I mentioned it sure I did. Well anyhow in case I didnt, I found a very nice V shaped ring at Kohls and it was on sale for like 1/3 off. We went and looked at it and tried it next to the ruby hearts ring I have and it stacks nicely. Obviously NOT a matched set...but who gives a darn. So the only ring we need to get at this point is a band for my Babe. I think I'll drag him out to get one in a couple weeks or so.

*Picture had a Terrier sitting in a bowl with the caption " No No! You're supposed to drink the soup to get better!

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