Monday, August 18, 2008

Entry from Jan 25,2007

You'll notice a change in the blog. It's liable to stay in black until things are said and done...
Im just gonna paste the email that I received today in here. Dont really want to discuss it much right now. Looks like things may be going down hill. *sigh* In the email...Eileen is my cousin, the one across the peninsula from gramma. Bill is her exboss and her POA (power of attorney), the one she was working for up until last week or so. Mer and Mimi are both gramma (Mer is what dad calls her, Mimi is my bro and my name for her). John is my kid bro in Indiana.

From daddy, today, 430pm pst

Just got in a few minutes ago and there was a message from Bill Wood (the gentleman watching out for Mer in Florida) She did not have a good day today, was groggy and unfocused in the early afternoon. Then he got a call at 4:35 their time saying that they think she has had a mild heart attack, and then Mimi said that they should let Me and Eileen know. I called Bill as soon as I got the message, He said that he does not know but feels that it in not good. He is waiting for a Chaplain from the Hospice to call him so he can see if he should call her Pastor and have him come over yet or not, as they don't want to unnecessarily worry her. He is also going to ask the Chaplain's opinion as to if I should be getting plane tickets booked now or what.

John and Heather, keep in mind that there is not going to be a funeral as such, a memorial and she has arranged for cremation. If you plan on coming down there is not a lot of room at Mimi's and arrangements elsewhere would have to be made. There is nothing close that I saw last may when I was there so would have to check. Call me if you have a chance.


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