Sunday, August 17, 2008

Entry from October 15, 2006

Holy cow. I just saw the visitor count on this page. It's been jumping by leaps and bounds lately. Seems like it was just last week or so when I was around 3500 or so. If you're in visiting drop me a note or leave a comment as these numbers cant possibly be from just my friends. I simply dont have enough friends through here to support the visit other words, Im very puzzled (Gary no need to drop a line because I KNOW you're in here as you tell me everytime we get a chance to talk on the phone..LOL).

Anyhow...that isnt the reason why I came in to write. I came in for no real purpose at all. Not much is going on this part of the week except hubby's working and it's real quiet and lonely here without him.

Last night was stream night for me. I streamed for 4 hours. The streamer that was due in at 11pm was a no show....actually he was late...very late. I stuck around almost a full hour after my stream before I left. Should have left sooner as I hadnt eaten since 45 minutes before my stream and Im learning I need food by the 3.5-4 hr mark otherwise I get a headache (yet they test me for diabetes and it never shows up on the tests...go figure). Tonight my head was telling me off but good. I think it's time to go to the eye dr again and see if these headaches arent because of something else.

I talked with the site boss regarding Christmas banners for us. While discussing this with him I made some decisions upon whom I'll make banners for. I've decided absolutely NO banner will be made by me unless the streamer has been in place at least 2 weeks. Im so sick of rushing to make a special banner and have the streamer quit in a month's time. It's a waste of my time and energy to do so. I also decided no more banners for other sites. Granted I havent had many from other sites ask but the few I've had have taken time away from my own site. While talking with the site owner he decided that yes we could have Christmas banners and YES we can have our Christmas nicks on them. PLUS he's going to put them in the djbooth under the holiday name too! We'll be allowed to "wear" our holiday banners from Thanksgiving Day up to the week after Christmas. As such, I'll be putting Happy Holidays on them unless told to do otherwise...this is so you can wear the banner for the extra week. I'll be working on my own this week (I gotta tweak it AGAIN because this is like the 3rd site I've been in during Christmastime..*sigh*). This way I'll have mine outta the way and can concentrate on everyone else's. Please...if you are going to want one, get the request in prior to Thanksgiving so I have time to get everyone's done in time. As always the requests will be done in the order I receive the emailed request. I need to have the Holiday nick, favorite color(s) and an idea what you want on the banner. Oh...and a good idea would be to make that nick NOW before someone else gets sense making the banner and discovering that the name cant be used (umm and LadyKissletoe has already been created...find your own damn nick...LOL).

Bought 2 new cds this last week. I got the new Rod Stewart one. It's all cover songs but they're well done. I knew all but maybe 2 and found myself singing along. I had proofed his cd as well as the Ray Charles one and the new Tony Bennett one and Rod's is the best by far in my book. The other cd was an impulse buy. It's JoJo's newest cd and it seems to be all my type of music which means my friend will love it, her hubby will hate it. LOL Oh well.

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