Sunday, August 17, 2008

Entry from Dec 11, 2006

Dang....I think in one of my blogs I said that today was a drs appointment. I got a call from hubby yesterday to double check n dang if it aint next Monday. Sorry if ya came in for an update cuz there really isnt one. Dunno what drug induced haze I was in thinking it was today...oh wait I do was the generic Norco.

Went shopping with my Texas sister yesterday and her Kiddo. Boy we had a great time. When she showed up she registered the weightloss I've had. At the dr's last month I was about 298 I think (Id have to check). I'd lost 13 before the hospital , gained 6 because of the IV (they were pumping in 250ml an HOUR)and loss 3 more after the surgery for a total of 10 pounds lost. Well I got on my scale yesterday (and I realize it cant be accurate not like the dr's) and it read 265 or so. I figure it's about 10 pounds off which puts me around 275 or so. That's still more than 20 pounds lost all because I cant eat a full meal yet I cut out almost all my tea consumption which reduced my sugar intake alot. I even get unsweet tea and add my own at restaurants now (substituting Splenda when I can). Anyhow, I digress.

We went to Kohls as usual. No sooner I was in the door than my coat was OFF! Ok, so I made it 10 feet in the door. Well I cant help that Im very well insulated! We must have spent like 2 hrs there....mostly cuz I cant walk too fast yet and tended to wander off. LOL. Sorry but I knew what I was in for...not my fault it was in a completely different department! Boy I was a hurtin puppy when we left though. Between my back and my belly Im not sure what hurt worse. Im so glad my siatic nerve didnt kick in. We went to Olive Garden for lunch and I had a very small plate of salad (no dressing) and half a bowl of Minestrone. I had forewarned her I dont eat much so she didnt seem to be too surprised. While we were eating, tradition kicked in and it started to rain. *ugh* Not that she was taking me anywhere else but home anyhow because she'd noticed I'd gone several shades whiter while shopping, which aint a good thing. She got me home and I wrapped the stuff I bought for hubby. Im not gonna say what I bought because he reads this blog (neener neener neener hunny!) . I did end up picking up the wrong size in something and sis n I will be going out either Wednesday or sometime next week to exchange it. No way was I leaving today. I still hurt alittle. It's my fault though because I tried to push too much too fast. Anyhow after wrapping, I went and napped for a couple hours. Managed to get a nap today too. Getting to be dinnertime for me here. Im thinking some chicken rice soup as Im still a bit full from lunch.

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