Sunday, August 17, 2008

Entry from Oct 24, 2006

Sorry I havent written in a while. I just didnt want to bury that last entry because of the poll. Im seeing enough on the results, however, that I can pretty much call the winner at this point. I've cleaned up the banner that's in the lead by a 2 to 1 margin and have it ready to be submitted. Now, if things change in the next few days I'll clean up the other banner. I dont suspect that is going to be the case though. I want to thank everyone who took a moment to express your opinions on this, it was appreciated. Now I can go to work on the next banner (and no I aint telling who it's for....just know it's the next one in my inbox and Im STILL tryin to come up with a nick for them).

I went to the opthamologist last week. Actually, it was hubby's appointment but he said "while we're here we may as well...". This is twice he's done this to me. I know he has my best interests at heart but damn I hate when he does that. Anyhow, she told me I need to talk to my family dr and tell her I need to come off the Nasonex because it has steroids in it. I asked her about Flonase and she says same thing....and that if I keep using it I'll end up with cataracts in the next few years. *UGH* and I need this to breathe too. I tried staying off it for a day and my poor pill had to work twice as hard and only lasted me 12 hrs instead of the full24. Needless to say I was MISERABLE tryin to get to sleep that night. Anyhow....I got new glasses coming in soon and when we go to pick up the new ones Im to bring in my old frames and will have sunglasses made out of them. WHOOOT! Prescription sunglasses! They tried to get me into contacts but I nixed that because I hate anything up in my face like that....even just eyedrops so that's definitely a NO. She did this strange test while looking my eyes over and put this thing with a blue light right up to my eyeball (can we say barely controlled freak session here?) and took the "pressure" of each eyeball. She said something about the pressure was a tad high. She thinks since my dr is watching my thyroid (no not on meds for that yet) that perhaps that had something to do with it. Once I get results from the dr I'll need to tell her and then we can go from there. She didnt say anything about a glaucoma though so that's good. Just said that my left eye is alot more sensitive to things. I knew this already because I'd had an injury to that eye years ago. Im gonna have to remember to mention that next time Im in.

Gotta make an appointment for the family dr next week. My allergy meds are running out and I gotta play with the vampires again. *bleah* I'll be glad to know if eveything is ok or not. Answers dammit I want answers. While Im there Im going to see if she thinks the medicine my opthamologist recommended would be ok for me to use (as well as hubby). I have a couple other things I need her to look at as well. Not going to go into them right now, just going to say I used to stay in the sun ALOT as a child so prayers of a clean bill of health would be good now...just in case.

Heard from my mom about my other gramma (the one in the nursing home in Colorado). The nurses have noticed a slow decline in her health lately. At the last letter from one of my uncles she was doing better and not as weak. Im just waiting for the shoe to drop though. She's 90+ and we're coming up to December very quickly. That's when grampa died back in 1990. These things always seem to happen in 3's and I've already had 2 aunts die this year....Last time I talked with gramma in FL she was coughin alot. An aweful lot. Oh how I dont want to make a trip this Christmas for reasons like that

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