Sunday, August 17, 2008

Entry from Jan 16, 2007

Enough said. Picture says it all* . This is day 3 ( I think) of this weather, but it feels like the 14 bazillionth. I saw the winner of a complete Bahamas vacation on EBay yesterday went to a Mr DeVil.....j/k about the EBay but hell DID froze over as the picture above is proof!

Wrote a friend of mine in MySpace yesterday and asked him if he had a banner he'd like to have me post on my site. I've decided there are a couple bands most deserving of Top8 status as they dont forget their fans and friends. As such, Im putting their banners on my site permanently. He didnt have one so I whipped a couple of them up and sent him the links so he could use them too. I placed on on my area and damn it looks good. Ok so it aint professional and isnt much more than a business card style, but it does the job. I hope he likes them (second one with him n the guitar's on my site).

Got a bulletin thru the same site regarding a band who was cancelling their Jan 20th concert because the venue where they were gonna play is closing. Total bummer because it's the same place my buddies from Squint play at when they're in Dallas. I wrote Clicks to get a confirmation on this and today they wrote back that yes indeed they were closed. *bah!* So I wrote to my friends in Squint to give them a heads up and to please let me know when they find a venue in Dallas so I can catch them the next time they're in.

Im feeling better though...for the first time in a month and a half. I think it's cuz Im nearly froze solid so I dont feel anything. *knocks on some wood* Maybe just maybe Im over this rough patch. Havent got my lab work back yet though, but yesterday was MLK and we all know the feds close down on that day so there was no mail. The dr called yesterday wanting to talk to hubby and discuss HIS labs but no mention of mine. It's been my experience if the labs were really bad the dr calls, if not then ya get a letter. As such, I aint worried about myself nearly as much as I am over hubby at this point.

This last Saturday's stream turned out pretty awesome. Im usually the last person to acknowledge that Im playin great tunes but this week Im gonna go ahead, break my arm and pat my own back. Im beginning to wonder if I just need to change up my format completely for streaming. I know Im known for the hottest newest tunes but they arent exactly drawing the crowds that my retro streams do. This would also lighten up my load as I wont be hunting and breaking my back to get the new stuff unless it's really HAWT. It would also put a screeching halt to the ever increasing files in the E Drive (where I have my tunes). That poor drive's nearly full and it was a HUGE drive. Man I really gotta weed it out. Anyhow Im considering doing mostly 80's with a little of this n that thrown in and a new tune every now n then. Maybe straight theme streams? hmmm. The big question is if I do this who do I "pimp" on my MySpace? Keep it for unsigned artists that go through MySpace....or for that hot artist with the bitchin tune that came out that week...or both? Hmmmm we'll see.

Oh and Ive reworked my MySpace a bit as this week we go into AI season. I havent decided if it's going to be a fan area or my pick of the week. All I know is I plan on blogging 3x as often there because of what Im using the space for. Once Idol is done, the area will be taken over by Rockstar...assuming they have another this year. Last years was such a bust. Definitely picked the wrong person to front their band and I dont see any appreciable sales for them. At least none to make the news about. Even INXS had a bigger turn out than this group did. I proofed their cd and Im so damn glad I didnt buy it...for the most part it sucked. I'll be waitin on Dilana and Storms new cds and for sure will be buying them. Im even waiting on Magnis and Juke Kartels (Toby Rands band) newest cds...but the last year's winner's....umm nope.

* the picture mentioned was a green and white sign (like you'd find with a town's name on it) that says Hell....and it's covered in ice. Oh and the links in this entry...they work ;)

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